Geofencing for Retailers in 2015

Geofencing for Retailers in 2015

opzioni binarie adx The other day a women was shopping at the mall and was thinking of a frozen coffee and how it would be a great pick me up; however she just wasn’t sure if she should purchase one. Suddenly a push notification came up on her iPhone sent from her favorite coffee spot there in the mall, which was utilizing Geo-fencing to offer a limited time coupon to visitors in the mall at that moment. The women decision making was greatly influenced by the coupon’s call to action and created her drive state to use that coupon now and get that frozen beverage she had thought about previously. When reviewing the power of geofencing in mobile, one can see the power of driving sales and profits using push marketing is powerful to the bottom. What do users getting push marketing think about getting Geo-targeted? A recent Mozu article states that nearly half (47%) of consumers surveyed by comScore reported that they would be more likely to shop in a store that pushed a coupon or promotion to their smartphone when they were in a store or nearby, according to the 2013 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study. With an estimated 2.2 Billion mobile devices set to ship to mobile users in 2015 worldwide that’s a market share that you don’t want to miss, while looking at your marketing budget.

source While speaking to clients about the different ways they can engage their audience from a marketing stand point, I always cover the options of push notification and how with our VidPlat iOS native application platform they can better serve their audience with push for a monthly plan they can afford. What is Geofencing they ask? Geofencing is exactly how it sounds, which is taking a geolocation and building a virtual fence around that area that once entered any form of push notification sent out by the app is sent out the user’s mobile device that is within a certain radius of a location of app owner’s choice.

opzione cedolare secca Large corporations are already taking advantage of these marketing techniques. For example, the recent Mozu report of the Top 5 things to do while marketing using mobile shared a test case where Dunkin Donuts had utilized Geofencing to send out coupons to users, when they were in the area of one of their shops. In addition, they took it one step further and geofenced other competitors shops and jiffy stores so that before the user would make a buying decision they could make a mobile offering that would push the user to visit one of their nearby Dunkin Donut locations taking more marketshare and driving profits.

Tastylia (Tadalafil Oral Strips) Without Prescription Also, Dunkin Donuts ran banner ads on user’s favorite websites and apps that allowed users to take immediate action or save the coupon on the device for later use. Results showed that 36% of consumers who clicked on the offer took some secondary action, with 18% saving the coupon and 3.6% redeeming the coupon immediately, according to an August 2014 report in Mobile Commerce Daily.

opzioni binarie a 30 secondi Contact us today at or call toll free 844.VIDPLAT (843-7528) to learn more about our iOS Mobile and Responsive website platform as a service (PaaS), which allows you to compete with the largest corporations in mobile by placing the power of mobile marketing in your hands for just a monthly plan that will meet your budget.

source url Thanks for Mozu for the stats and information…