VidPlat and Rendezvous makes Film and Music Festival History with iOS App

VidPlat and Rendezvous makes Film and Music Festival History with iOS App

go to link FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE,a,show,g,3000-stratocaster.html Rendezvous Film and Music Festival will make History using a media rich iOS Mobile Application for this year’s event. Filmmakers and attendees will take part in movie making history by capturing the 9-day festival using Rendezvous mobile application’s video/photo capture features, streaming live video and more powered by VidPlat!

forex i strömstad Amelia Island March 4, 2015 – For the first time in film festival history Rendezvous has partnered with VidPlat, LLC to develop a native iOS mobile application allowing everyone participating in the festival from filmmakers to attendees the ability to crowd direct a documentary of the 9 day event using only their Apple devices. Furthermore, the Rendezvous app allows users from around the world the ability to watch live streaming video, stream movies, hear music and give real-time feedback through the app.

anyoption bewertung The iOS mobile app will leverage the technology of VidPlat’s iOS platform allowing everyone that attends the opportunity to become a filmmaker using the mobile app’s video and photo capture capabilities. The Rendezvous app project was conceptualized by Shane Wooten Tech entrepreneur, CMA Nashville recording artist and the CEO and Co-Founder of VidPlat, LLC, while working with Randy Bowman, Chairman of Rendezvous festival to create a brand new experience for the 9 day film and music festival June 5th – 13th, 2015. “The festival is going to be amazing! We are so excited to make history as a film festival and helping Shane to make his idea a reality by empowering filmmakers and attendees to have the ability to crowd direct a project together showcasing everyone’s experiences from different perspective using Apple products will be ground breaking in the film festival industry.” – Randy Bowman Chairman of Rendezvous film and music festival.الخيارات-الثنائية-بشكل-قانوني-في-الولايات-المتحدة-الأمريكية “We never imagined we would have the opportunity to push the boundaries and make history in the film festival industry with our turn key mobile app platform. And, placing the power of mobile into the filmmakers and attendees hands create the ability to crowd direct and participate in this experience, which will be paramount.” – Shane Wooten, CEO & Co-Founder of VidPlat, LLC

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